Chaintop XLG

High temperature graphited lubricant

Chaintop XLG is a graphite dispersion in a synthetic compound, provided with temperature stabilizers. The synthetic compound acts as a carrier and evaporates at 250 ºC leaving a thin dry lubricant film which withstands temperatures up to 600 ºC. Provides elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication up to 200 ºC, a mixt lubrication from 200 to 300 ºC and a dry lubrication from 300 to over 500 ºC.

The product will not leave residue nor carbon residue as it does not contain mineral oils, soap or abrasive compounds (ashes).

A minimum quantity of Chaintop XLG will be applied leaving a thin lubricating film. This will avoid an excess of lubricant which might provoke the seizing of bearings.

Chaintop XLG solves the lubrication problems at high temperatures. Improved maintenance and superior production results are obtained.


Chaintop XLG is applied in any industrial field to lubricate high temperature operated mechanisms. Intended for conveyor chains, low speed roller and ball bearings, threaded spindles, sliding bearings, bushings etc.. In can be used in the ceramic, steel , food (bread and pastry) or chemical (glass) industry .

Not suitable for use on hypoid gears in the car industry

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