Environmentally Friendly Chain Lubricant

Heavy Duty Cutting Drilling & Tapping Fluid

This product is a cutting fluid in a spray can for direct application specially formulated for drilling, threading, reaming and severe machining of steel in severe working conditions. It contains EP additives that avoid welding of tool and part and built-up edge formation thanks to the anti-seize properties.

Short Term Corrosion Protection

This product is a general purpose oil based rust preventative which forms an easy to remove thin oily film. This product is very suitable for the corrosion protection of finished machine components prior to packing as well as inter operational protection of finished parts and moulds. Minimum film thickness.

Long Term Corrosion Protection

This product protects ferrous and non-ferrous parts during shipment and storage (both indoor & outdoor). As a result of the dewatering properties Performance Anti Rust L is very suitable for the protection of parts which have been in contact with metalworking emulsions and or water.

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Powerful Industrial Cleaner

This product is a powerful cleaner based on citrus to remove grease, tar, oil, wax, ink, resin, stickers and residues of glue from parts of treated and untreated metal, stainless steel, fiberglass, aluminum, concrete, wood, stone and various types of plastic.

Industrial Quick Drying Cleaner

This product is an industrial cleaner and degreaser with high dissolving capacity. Matrix Performance Clean BC does not leave residues, is not conductive and non-corrosive. Rapidly removes oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants from parts. Ideal for industrial repairs and assemblies. Do not use on polished and plastic parts.

Industrial Electrical Contact Cleaner

This product is a high quality spray to clean electrical contacts. Performance Clean Contact removes oil, dirt, dust, residues and condensation from sensitive electronics, switches and equipment.

Industrial Foam Cleaner

This product is a high quality, universal cleaning foam for light contamination. The creation of Foam ensures long contact time for effective cleaning. Performance Foam does not drip even on vertical surfaces.

Stainless Steel Cleaner

This product is a high quality spray to quickly clean shine & protect stainless steel parts. Effectively eliminates surface fingerprints, grease, streaks, residues and haze. Thanks to the unique formula, after cleaning, a thin protecting film is formed, which effectively prevents renewed adhesion of dirt and fingerprints.

Sprayable Adhesive

This product is a high quality adhesive, ideal for a wide range of materials for both permanent and temporary adhesion. Suitable to glue paper, cardboard, wood, textile and various types of plastic.

Bright Colored Zinc Protection Coating Spray

This product is a high quality Alu-Zinc spray to treat galvanized and untreated steel. Performance Alu-Zinc spray is used as a rust and corrosion protection on iron and steel surfaces.

Window Cleaner

This product is a high quality spray to clean windscreens and mirrors. Performance Clean Window can be used on windows (glass and plastic), mirrors, whiteboards, counters, furniture and stainless steel. This cleaning and degreasing foam has high dissolving properties, leaves no residue for a streak free result.

Industrial Copper Assembly Paste

This product forms an effective layer to separate metal surfaces at temperatures from –40°C to 900°C and up to 1200°C for short periods, the layer prevents the metal from seizing.

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Dry Lubricant Coating Containing MoS2

This product is a fast drying, resin bonded, lubricating coating containing Molybdenum Disulphide which lubricates and protects components from seizure and wear.

Open Gear & Wire Rope Grease

This product is a specially formulated grease for open gears, chains, cables and wire ropes. It contains a high amount of solid lubricants (graphite) which provide excellent anti wear properties under the most severe circumstances. Shock loads, lack of hydrodynamic lubrication can easily be handled.

Silicone Free Mould Release Fluid

This product is an anti release agent of very high standard for plastic injection molding and thermo-plastic industries for deposit free lubrication of ejector pins. This unique product allows easy release of all thermo-plastic materials from the mold and less wasted parts due to deformity.

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Universal Lubricant & Creeping Oil with Solids

This product is a high quality, effective tool for releasing rusted parts.Performance WDM can be used for hinges and lock tools, screw connections, guide rails, sprockets, chains, locks, fastening materials (screw, bolts and nuts) or garden tools.

Universal Cutting Drilling & Tapping Fluid

This product is an universal quality oil to prevent over-heating and wear of tools and metals used in applications for in cutting, tapping and drilling activities.

Zinc Protection Coating Spray

This product is a high quality zinc spray to treat galvanized and untreated steel. Performance Zinc Spray is used as a rust and corrosion protection on iron and steel surfaces.

SMIG/MAG Anti Splatter Nozzle Coating

This product is a dispersion of colloidal hexagonal boron nitride in a blend of organic solvents in a spray can. It serves as a rapid drying ceramic coating providing exceptional protection lubrication and release properties.

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Emulsifing food grade oil


Foodmax CTL is an  advanced food grade lubricant specially formulated for use in gears, bearings and transmissions. Blended from medicinal oils with selected additives that provides excellent anti-wear properties, high resistant to oxidation and good corrosion protection.

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Hook and trolley fluid for the meat processing industry 


Foodmax TCF is specially formulated to provide superior performance in lubrication of hook and trolley systems that are usually found in slaughterhouses and meat processing.

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Sugar dissolving chain lubricant for the food industry

Foodmax Mammut Oil is a food safe lubricant specially developed to dissolve sugar from chains, slides and moulds. It has been specially developed for the confectionary market and is available in two viscosities. Foodmax Mammut Oil is NSF approved.

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Food grade oil for the lubrication of drive and conveyor chains in low temperature applications

Foodmax Chain LT is based on a blend of synthetic hydrocarbons and is inhibited against oxidation to give a long wet film life over wide temperatures.

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Extremely high temperature grease based on PFPE oil and PTFE thickener

Foodmax Grease HT-2 is a non-flammable white grease developed from a perfluoroalkyl-polyether-type oil, a micronised PTFE as thickener and an anticorrosion additive.

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