Soluble Textile Oil TX

Washable textile oils

TX textile oils has been a result of many tests and proven lubrication service and solubility. The base of the product is high quality mineral oil, blended with an additive package which has been selected through research and experience in practice. TX textile oils have a high degree of solubility and has excellent anti static properties. TX fluids are formulated with highly refined oils and will absolutely no stains on textiles and fabrics and are of extremely high quality.


  • Easily sprayable even in cold temperature environment
  • Neutral behaviour towards paint
  • Stabilized against sun drying
  • Prevents built-up of static energy
  • Corrosion protection
  • Maintains needle slots in a clean condition
  • Ensures longer life of needle and jacks/sinkers

TX series are scourable textile oils for the textile industry. The TX series are used in the knitting process and it serves two main purposes:

  • Lubricate the needles and the needle plates
  • Easily washable

TX series are scourable. There are however no rules or standard procedures for scouring out the oil traces. The degree of contamination, time elapsed between the soiling of the fabric and the scouring, the application of the needle oil, the knitting machinery and the properties of the individual knitwear and fibres are too variable.

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